Documentation for Final Project

documentation1  documentation2documentation3


This is the documentation for our final project, which explains all of its elements and our procedures. My role in the making of this project was the design and construction of the trigger board. I used the foam board as a layout. After constructing 7 little boxes made out of bristol board and copper tape, I painted symbols in the top of each with electric paint. Each symbol represents what the purpose of that box does. The four directional boxes are placed in the direction they will make the simulation move, the colorful box changes the color of the simulation, and the box with a circle on it changes its size. I then ran skinny strips of copper wire from each of the boxes to the edge of the board where they would connect to the alligator clips in order to interact with the MaKeyMaKey board. Just for aesthetic, I painted on a circuit board inspired array of lines and boxes with glow in the dark puff paint. Finally, I incorporated the title of the device, S.T.E.V.E (Super Trippy Existential Visual Experience) on the top of the “controller”.


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